Hargreaves family history

I dug out some audio cassettes (remember those?) made by various Hargreaves relatives.

This page contains download links to MP3 files I have converted from the audio tapes. At the bottom of the page is a widget to play and listen to them directly. It accesses the same files as the links below.

There is also a transcript. (Many thanks to Rosemary Hargreaves for making the effort to do this.)

I only have an ancient personal cassette player of similar vintage to the cassettes themselves so please excuse the poor quality. If anyone wishes to have a go at a better digital conversion, please contact me directly.

Birthday recordings

The first batch were made for Hannah's 80th birthday. I think the tape I have must have been the one Mum sent to Margaret for the occasion, as it has a personal letter on the end of it.


I think the next batch are from about 1987, as Auntie Marjorie refers to my parents visit to them the previous year, which must have been in 1986.

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